What started off as a conversation between two friends led to the implementation of a brilliant idea: a flare nut wrench that ratchets 360°. One man had an idea, another believed in it and initiated the process of making it a reality, and another perfected the plan, with all three bringing it to fruition. As a team, these three men created Tribus Innovations, a registered limited liability corporation (LLC) in the state of Washington, and now plan to take their company public.

The manufacture of the ratcheting flare nut wrench would revolutionize the auto mechanic industry but also has great potential for other industries that use traditional flare nut wrenches. After the painstaking process of designing and creating successful prototypes, these founders submitted a patent. As of summer 2016, Tribus Innovations, LLC is under patent pending status. Tribus Innovations is now ready to produce its revolutionary wrench for market distribution.

Quality, durability, and integrity. These are the hallmarks of Tribus Innovations: Turning good ideas into reality.

Who We Are

Tribus Innovations is a startup company formed in 2015 as a three-way partnership with the intent of developing, designing, and manufacturing cutting-edge products servicing various industries, initially with the ratcheting flare nut wrench and then other inventions/products/ideas in the future.

Our Vision

Tribus Innovations is currently focused on the tubing fastener tool industry with a new, impressive twist on an existing tool, the ratcheting flare nut wrench, with an aim to develop more and exciting products in the near future.

Our Progress

Tribus Innovations at present is under patent pending status (15/092,056) with no existing competition in this market and has accumulated over 500 pre-orders.

Company Offerings

Tribus Innovations looks to expand its offerings of specialty tool design and developmentby offering mobile applications development. We are a technology company that aims to leverage these tools to grow our vision into reality.


Making good ideas a reality.


Contact Information

Kendall Bertagnole
Phone: 1 (509) 992 - 4743
Tommy Mills
Phone: 1 (307) 660 - 2307
Jay Ayala
Phone: 1 (503) 649 - 3469